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SIG/Kernel meeting 2024-01-25


  • Rafael Lee
  • Sherif Nagy
  • Jason Rodriguez
  • Brian Clemens

Old Business:

  • Kernel 6.6.12 has been released and secureboot signed
  • Pablo did fix LTS build with different binutils package


  • Sherif did talk about the SIGs and how SIG kernel interact and with SIG HPC, SIG altarch and fasttrack

  • Rafael asked about what if we want to build a newer glibc , kernel or such, and the answer was, sure, it will always be in a SIG

  • Few questions and explanation about NX and what does this means for SHIM and kernel-mainline

Action items:

  • Add more info to the wiki
  • Kernel packer for sbc variant
  • Automation for kernel packer, Rocky 8